Trendy fashion colours

hey everyone,

i’m trying to design a tshirt for an event, and i’m just not really sure about fashion design. Firstly, do people think that grunge as a style is going to stay around for a while (i.e at least 6 months) or is there a new upcoming trend?

also, what are the current/cutting edge trendy colours for fashion… i don’t want my design to catch the end of the current trends. Anyone know or know how to find out what colours are gonna be cool this coming season (american winter, aussie summer)?

thanks heaps
Stuart has some lists.

Pastal Colours are very trendy in clothing right now as are stripes.

yes pastels are in for now, but i dont know fall and winter are coming soon so they may change, nothing really will get played out if it has a strong design. I would like to see the shirt im very interested in seeing how it turned out