Triggering javascript from flash

new to this forum but been following this page a fair bit.

I’m setting up a Flash site with a splash page - you click on the graphic I’ve set up in the splash page and that takes you to the main site. What I’m trying to do is, when you click on the flash graphic on the splash page it opens another window (target=blank) but I am trying to have this window automatically go full screen, with no browser menus etc. (only leaving the ‘x’ option at the top right to close the window)

This is no problem as I have the proper javascript to enable this browser manipulation. My problem is however, that this javascript has to be triggered from an html a href= command, and I need it to be triggered from my flash graphic.

The command to trigger the javascript is this

a href=“javascript: void openMaxedWindow(‘home.html’, ‘window4’, ‘’, ‘opener’);”

and that of course references the proper js file & thus manipulates the browser window that ‘home.html’ opens in.
I have tried to set up this command from a button in flash using a ‘get URL’ script, setting “javascript: void openMaxedWindow etc” as the URL but I can’t get it to work properly.
Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get this to work, in other words how I can trigger this or possibly some other browser manipulating javascript from Flash???

Is there any way to set up something like an imagemap in Flash
to trigger the a href=“javascript etc” command from?

Thanks, help from anyone is greatly appreciated, regards.