Trillian ROCKS

yeah, i read that AFTER i started using trillian, and i was like cool!. and also, that online language translator is called Babelfish, like the babelfish in the book…hehe

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hey if anyone is using it, try getting one of the “frequency” skins…
the beer emote has homer simpson going “beeeeeeeeer” and there’s also a butt emote…
perfect for when you feel the urge to poot on your freind hehe. **

Yeh, but can other ppl who are using trillian, but not that skin hear and see the icon?

yeah was going to point that out too, about the Babel Fish, but i didn’t want to completely hijack the thread. hi Golgi!

no, thats why it kinda stinks. but my friends and i who use it usually synch our skins. most of the ones that make noise and whatnot are universal though, liek theres a meowing cat and when you type LOL it giggles insanely, stuff like that

hey Majeye! tangent alert have you seen the videos made form the books?