Trojan Horsey on my PC

Oh no!!!
Try to find out what kind of Trojan it is, then maybe go online and see if you can stop it? Hopefully it hasent infected many files…

update your Antivirus software if possible, its possible that its a new one, (and may not been discovered by Norton or mcaffe etc…)… also maybe try deleting that Help file. and copy a new one back over… hmm.

I wish ya luck, and thats all i have =)

Anti - virus won’t do the job properly. I had the same problem. Even Norton, picks up certain viruses, but you have to download a utility to totally eliminate certain other ones.

Download The Cleaner, from It’s one of the best trojan detectors/cleaners out there, including real time monitoring of registry or system file changes, and also tells you what’s running on your pc, and what’s going out to the net.

You can try it fully functional for 30 days.

I tried it on my old PC and it found 2 or 3 trojans I didn’t know were there. I get hired by companies some times for security consultancy and sometimes it gets so bad, that you have to just burn and build - wipe clean and re install.

Hey, I downloaded that program and I have to say THANKS!!!

This detected 2 trojan viruses on my computer. And it cleaned them both!

Hey Phil: Maybe the virus you have isn’t a trojan and that is why the program didn’t detect it? This could be a possibility.

Did you download any Windows updates lately? That could be the problem! I did just that (foolish, I know) and suddenly, my computer goes ape **** from photoshop to email. I wiped it clean. Thinking it might have been a virus, I thought all was well (I’m not suspecting Windows yet at this point) back to getting my Windows update. Guess what? Crash, boom BANG! Well actually, I was running Windows 2k, so there were no blue screens but it kept restarting itself perpetually. I did not have any of these problems prior to the Windows updates… that must be the culprit. Wiped clean once more, no more updates this time and everything has been smooth ever since…

I haven’t had any problems with Windoze updates, and yes they are pain, but at times, the security of your pc can be and risk and may develop bugs further down the line. Who remembers the W32.Klez virus that was opening even in preview mode in outlook? Microsoft(en doesn’t work) released an update to fix it:


That app is specifically for trojans I think, as it checks for different kinds of file signatures. Also make sure you do the update to make sure you have latest definitions, and build.


I’m glad it worked for you. Again keep up to date witht he latest defs and builds.

RenaissanceGirl: I always set check points before I do anything with system restore - but twice when the poo poo hit the fan and I needed it, I tried a restore and windows said “Your system could not be restored” blah blah.

If think if you make major changes to the system - it won’t work - Probably just a glorifed version of scanreg /repair.

on (friday) = function() {

on (frequentErrors || blueScreens) = function() {
format (c:);

on (useOf) = function (software){

updateOnceAWeek(antivirus, windows, trojanscanner);

for (security=low, security ++, security = high){

exit or die;

lol, nice way of posting all that in code eyez :slight_smile:

Kirupa :bandit:

i had the same bug…it sux man.