Trouble uploading 1000's of files via FTP


I am doing an app that uses 20,000 MP3s, each MP3 is an english word and the average size is 10kb. there’s a folder for each letter, ‘a’ has about 600 mp3s and ‘s’ has 2400…‘x’ has just 4 :frowning: so i have a /mp3 folder which contains 26 folders one for each letter. the mp3 folder is something like 250mb/19,100 files.

now i need to get that on my server.

‘a’ went fine in one big 600 file chunk, ‘b’ went fine at like 400.

‘c’ has around 1600. i tried all 1600 and it froze. then i tried splitting it up into small chunks of files but it just keeps locking up. the transfer speed quickly drops from full speed to 0 over about a 4 second period and it just sits there waiting for a connection.

bottom line is i’ve been sitting here trying to baby along this file upload for hours when i should be letting it upload the 20000 files and i could be doing something else.

why can’t i just drop the one mp3 folder?

is there some type of max number of files limit?(i’m on shared hosting)

is 19000 really that much? most one folder has is 2400??

i’ve tried smartFTP, filezilla and bitkinex and the same thing happens with all three of them.

i have windows vista.