Trouble with movie clips

i’m currently building a website and i need help on linking movies. what i have currently is a button that when pressed executes the following code:\r\ron (release) {\r tellTarget ("/FadeTrans") {\r gotoAndPlay(“FadeTrans”);\r }\r gotoAndPlay(169);\r}\r\rwhat i’m trying to do is have fadetrans play the animation and then go to frame 169 but what happens is that they both execute at the same time. any help would be appreciated, thx

Put the gotoAndPlay at the end of the movie that is supposed to play first, in the last frame.\r\rpom 0]

thx for the reply. I think that would work usually except i’m using this same transition for links to multiple pages. for example: a link from home to links would use the same transition as a link from home to portfolio or something. Would i need to make a seperate transition for each of those links with gotoAndPlay at the end to the different areas?\r\rSomething like this perhaps?\r\ron (release) {\rtellTarget ("/FadeTrans") {\rgotoAndPlay(“HomeToPorfolio”);\r}\r}

I think the question was answered here :…=854.topic\r\rpom 0]