Please have a look at this Movie button I am trying to put together, and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Not sure if I understand from your minimal post [lol] but when I opened the FLA the button on the stage isn’t even a button. It looks like you made a movie clip a button [or something like that?].

First make the text a button then make sure you give it a proper hit area that is a solid object. Then put the AS on the button not inside the button and not on the timeline key frame.

beatnick -

first of all, the tellTarget action is deprecated, which means it’s not great practice to still be using it, even though it may work fine.

second, you can’t add actions and animations inside a graphic. animation either has to occur either on a root timeline or any movie clip. a button cannot tell a graphic to go to and play frame 2 or something.

third, since your rollover changes shape, the user’s mouse is not always in contact with it, causing it to flicker back and forth and function improperly. you need to add some sort of invisible background that stays in place during the rollover to ensure that all functions well. since your movie’s background is white, i simply placed a white rectangle behind the text to fix this.

on the movie clip, you’ll find the following code attached:


on(rollOut, dragOut){

this tells the movie clip ‘links’ to go to and play frame 2 on rollover, then when you roll of drag off the movie clip, it tells the movie clip to go to and play frame 1.

see attached for the fixed version.

I can’t believe it!!! I was trying so many different angles, and this is how simple it is!
You have made my day, and saved me what may have been two more nights of insomnia.
I was able to build off that script and create exactly what I wanted.
thank you a million times over.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

that’s what i’m here for… well, that and to bring my boyish good looks and charm to the forum laaaaadies… :wink: