Trying to figure this out

Alright, what I want to do is this:

I want to have a small part of the screen, say the lower corner, have a little space in which to cycle through pictures. Picture A, then B, then C, then D, then back to A cuz that’s it. And if you click and drag one of the pictures, say B, you can drag it anywhere in the screen. And if you wanted two B’s, you’d just click and drag B again from the corner. And if you go to the picture C, the two B’s that you’ve dragged onto the screen will remain there, and you can still move them around. I know how to do the drag and drop stuff (thanks Kirupa! That tutorial was great) but this is really baffling me. It’s important that you can cycle through these pictures, and that they don’t disappear when you go to the next picture in the cycle.

I hope I’m not missing something obvious here… but everything I can think of isn’t a good idea for one reason or another.

  • Sadist of Sunshine /O/

I really don’t know how to go about accomplishing that. I’m trying to re-create that in Flash, but I’m not having much luck either. I’m guessing that for that to work, there needs to be some tweaking done using “Duplicate Movie Clip” command.

As of now, I’ve been unable to get it working. I’ll keep trying to figure it out, and if I do find a way, I’ll reply back with information on how to do that.

If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kirupa Chinnathambi

Hi why don’t’ you use the action load movie (say mov2) where movie2 is the slide of the phots u want as different symbols?

When u drag and drop A u can say to reload the movie as it was at the biginning with A still there and so on or probably u can just loop the same movie but i’m not sure

When u use the load movie u have to specify the target where to load… the target will be the portion of the screen where the photos slides. U have to name the instance so u can target it better…
Hope to give u a road to follow…bye