Trying to use navigation buttons to move to frames within a movie clip symbol

Adobe CS3 and Actionscript 2.0


Let me start off by saying my brain is completely fried, as I completly lost myself and confused my brain to the point of melting

I have a flash file with navigation on the left side, and content on the right side. I have multiple pages in the flash that i would like to display depending on the navigation button clicked on.

The affect i was trying to achieve was to have the content scroll in to the right upon clicking a link for that page. Then when clicking the navigation to go to a different page, the currently displayed page scrolls to the left and disappears which would allow the new page to scroll in for viewing.

I tried doing this with scenes using variables and “else if” statements, but it just caused more problems then it solved. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right, but either way it caused the flash file to increase in size alot thus increasing loading time.

If anyone can help me it would be sooooo much appreciated. All i want to do is have the flash load with a home page already displayed, but when someone clicks on a navigation button, then the curent page scrolls to the left to disappear and the new page scrolls to the right to be displayed.

Here are ways i can see it being done, but I could be completely wrong which is most likely the case:

  1. Have all the pages in a movie clip symbol, and use actionscript so when a navigation button is clicked on it goes to a specific frame in the movieclip which would start the animation of the page loading in. Upon clicking a different navigation button, the movieclip will reverse to cause the page to scroll left to disappear, and jump to the starting frame of the next page.

  2. The same as the above, except have it so when you click a navigation button it plays specific frames which contain the page scrolling left to disapeer, and then play the new page.

If you have a better way i’m open for suggestions. However right now I’m completely lost and confused myself to the point of wanting to quit .

I’ve searched google, sitepoint, and the flash docs but can’t seem to find something to help me achieve what I’m trying to do.