[tutorial] golden text

i came up with quite nice effect:

so i want to share with you :slight_smile:

  1. create text you want gold (background doesn’t have to be dark - i’ve chosen dark background just for tutorial purpose)

  1. add to layer with text as follows:


black outer glow

stroke emboss

gradient overlay

use following gradient:

#CC9933 at 0%
#FFFF99 at 30%
#996600 at %
#FFFF99 at 100%

stroke (same gradient as in gradient overlay)

  1. so far we have something like this

but it needs some last touch, doesn’t it? so…

  1. duplicate text layer, clear it’s effects, set fill to 0% and add following effects:

outer glow with #FFFF99 (it’ll give us some nice shine)

inner bevel (but only the lightening one, we don’t want it to be dark, don’t we?)

  1. so we came out with

post any suggestions, upgrades, etc :slight_smile: