Tutorial: Retaining Detail on resize

Learnt a handy resizing trick for pictures.


After resizing your image

  1. Duplicate the layer.

  2. Apply a “High Pass” filter with a setting of around 1

  3. Set the layers blending mode to “Hard Light”

Detail is restored.

*It’s hard to show the difference, you’ll have to see it work to believe it.


can you post before & after pics?

cause it’d take so long for you to do it on your own!!! but here you go…

i did this, and it looked to me like all it did was make the picture a little bit grainier.

ok then…


ruski_flasher - sure…it should be used WISELY!!

macneilslt - :smiley: glad you likes

Ahhh, I see the difference… good to know, thanks. :thumb:

I guess that’s pretty good to know, thanks :smiley:


That’s pretty CSI-y. Very cool!

yeah LOL. “zoom image - and enhance the resolution, look a pubic hair!!”