Tutorials for Dreamweaver

Hi there, in honor of the Dreamweaver forum, I did a tutorial, but I am looking to do more.

Please post your suggestion on what a good tutorial would be,

so far I just did one tutorial on how to make a basic webpage through Dreamweaver…

This can also be questions, that I can hopefully answer through a tutorial.

So any suggestions, post’um!

Nah, not exactly :slight_smile: Books for software cost more because more people are involved in testing, proofreading, and editing. The Art of War is a book from way back and written, edited, and proofread by one individual.

Also, computer books are not printed in large quantities like they do for “lasting” books such as Art of War, Tale of Two Cities, etc. Computer software and technology change so rapidly (every few years at least) so it would be pointless to read a book on Windows XP twenty years from now. Therefore, publishers only put out a small amount to satisfy the public’s interest in a book that will only be relevant for a few years. Hence, the higher cost.

In your case, Linux isn’t used by a large number of computer users for the most part. To compensate for the lower sales, a publisher increases the price of the book to hopefully meet and exceed the initial costs of printing, packaging, and shipping the book.

The larger the initial quantity of printed books, the cheaper the end result for the most part.

Kirupa :ub:

*Originally posted by Digitalosophy *
**i refuse to let dreamweaver right ASP code for me… **
Hehe, yes DW does tend to be a tad, shall we say, verbose?
I let DW do the bulldozer work, such as create recordsets etc. but much of the stuff I code isn’t available via a DW server behavior, such as anything using the File System Object.

It’s not an online tute, but I’d highly recommend Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0 by Wrox Press. It’s the only ASP reference that I use. I’ve made back the $54 purchase price many times over utilizing the skills that I’ve learned from that book. And don’t let the “Beginning” in the title fool you, it’s not a book for someone without any prior programming experience.

*Originally posted by Digitalosophy *
**i refuse to let dreamweaver right ASP code for me, but a tute on how to connect to a db would be nice to see **

Dude! I would like to know that!

i refuse to let dreamweaver right ASP code for me, but a tute on how to connect to a db would be nice to see

in all honesty your best bet to master DW is to buy a book, and just make “mock” sites. Familiarize yourself with the tools, frames, and menu options. Also play around with the behaviors and stylesheets. After that, you’ll pick up the rest as you go along :slight_smile:

ahh yes your right. i forgot that everything cost about 50 times more than it should

well the reason behind that is, people figure developers make tons of money so they can afford it

hmm okay, makes sense i guess, but my teachers told me that macromedia charges a lot for software and books, because they feel that people are making so much off their software, they have the right to charge a lot. and they do. but in this case i will agree with kirupa.

i did it the other day, it’s crap. i couldnt figure out how to loop a record set, so i ended u just rewriting it myself. i actualy found writing the sql query’s a little difficult.

i just didn’t like it :frowning:

i whould mind having a dreamweaver tutorial, i have only been able to find flash tutorials on the net. you just hit gold my russian friend

You got a point but you know how much a dreamweaver book costs at barnes and noble! no cheaper than 50 dollars

now the question is. why are books for software more expensive than normal books. i paid 4.99 for a copie of sun tzu the art of war but yet i paid 25 smackers :trout: :trout: for a book about linux