UI Library to use with React JS


I am new to UI. Please suggest easy UI framework ( if its needed ) which works best with ReactJs for my first UI app.

Thanks !!


What are you trying to build? In general, you shouldn’t need an additional UI framework since React is one itself.


I am trying to build a system with spring boot implementing the rest APIs and nice looking web page as the front end. This would be my first UI project, so looking for ready made react UI components library with nice styling or an UI templates I can choose to quickly build my single page app.


Are you familiar with React and how to build a spa using it? If not, I would suggest you build the functionality out first with very basic UI. The reason is that figuring out both React and how a template or component library will work can get messy.

As for the actual look, I would look into bootstrap’s styles and optionally their components :slight_smile:


Thanks for the inputs. It helps !