Ultimate Kirupa Battle: Final Round

It’s that time folks! The FINAL ROUND! Everyone put on your hard hats because this round is going to be explosive!

The theme won’t set. The images will be all new. And the fight will be to the death! It’s time for…


And the contestants:

[SIZE=4]Zao[/SIZE] vs. [SIZE=4]Dj-Studios[/SIZE]

The rules: 800px wide x 400px tall.
There is no theme. Just make the best **** picture you can!
Due date is Sunday at 12:00pm central time. Don’t be LATE!

wow, this is going to be absolutely amazing! and I’m glad you didn’t set a theme, that’d seem kinda one-sided

Well, it’s both good and bad to not set a theme. Each having their advantages, and each having their setbacks. Either way, this should be a good one. Good luck.

You guys both deserve to be sitting where you are right now. Congrats, and I know things are just going to heat up more. Better get your email ready, so I can send you the $50 amazon gift certificate :wink:

Oh wow, I didn’t realize a prize was invovled, that’s really genrious of you.

No problem, yeah it was listed in the first couple rounds, but I guess Dj assumed everyone knew. I wonder now, how many competitors actually knew about it…might have made things a little tighter. Good luck to you, zao :smiley:

Nooo…i wanted that. dmn u all!!! cant wait to see the final entries.

This is gonna be great best of luck to both you guys cant wait until we have one of these again this was a blast.

me too, can’t wait for the next one, good luck to both…


Good luck guys! I really expect to see the best pictures on the forums in this one!

Man, I just now finally came up with a pretty concrete idea for my piece, hopefully the execution will be as good as it is in my head.

I haven’t really gave mine any thought. Probably cause I’m busy with other stuff. Oh well I promise to have something up on time.

Wow I can’t belive zao made it this far!!! Great work! and good luck to both of you!


he’s saying you’re much better than he thought, that’s a compliment :slight_smile:

I’ll have mine posted in the afternoon tomorrow, I have a few more things I want to do for it, but i’ll be busy in the morning, just so you know i’m still in it.

awesome, I can’t wait!

Totally forgot what day it was. Crap! Oh well I’ll bust somethin out…

dmmt DJ, why do u do things last minute and end up with such a good piece. dmn you, dmn you all who didnt vote for me, and dmn this forum!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHahahahahahahahah, just joking. wish the best of luck to you all. :wink:

Ok considering we were both late I will not throw down any penalties for that.

I am finished zao. I will post as soon as you do. I am uploaded and ready to go and hurry up and post.