Ultimate Kirupa Battle: Final Round

Dun dun dun…

Ok I am trying to talk to him on AIM and he isn’t responding… So I will go ahead and post up.

Time takin: 1 hour
Everything is made by me. Even the blood cells in the bg.

Your eyes scare me. The doctor has officially operated…

Lol yea I can get my eyes to look pretty mean. It’s pretty easy since I have dark brown eyes so they look solid black when I position them right. It’s pretty sweet.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok this is slightly annoying. I was over 30 minutes late. But he still hasn’t posted up. I started on my image 10 minutes before the due time cause my mom was being a, you know what, to me. So I am going to do the dishes. If he entry isn’t up I’m not going to wait any longer. He said he was finished so there is no reason for him to be late.

Comon DJ - It’s the last round :). Just let him post and take his time. I want to see who wins fairly, not by default ;).

Both of you broke the rules but just gotta go with it.

Almost two hours and waiting…

Whoa 2 hours - that’s serious. I thought it was like 5 minutes.

Tick tock tick tock… Time says it’s almost 3 O’Clock.

I am not trying to take sides or anything but DJ you did get a pretty lenghty extension in the semi finals battle so I dont see why zao cant get one here I want to see who wins this thing fair and square.

I’m not going to win by default. I want this to go to the polls. I’m just getting impatient. He hasn’t even responded to any posts or AIM. He also said he was finished with his so why is he not submitting?

Maybe he’s busy and not on his computer right now.

perhaps he has to wash the dishes too but he has a HUGE family? :P, I’d let him have the time, it probably ain’t his fault

I m giving him the time. I never said…oh wait maybe I did…oops…nvm I be quiet now…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yea sorry guys, my fiance’s grandpa had a stroke, and things were hectic. I’ll have it posted in a few minutes here.

Sorry to hear. Sorry if I came across harsh. Wasn’t intended.

Sorry the file size, didn’t have a chance to mess with compression.

Looks nice. I’m curious as to what you used and did…

I added a border around it.

I use a lot of images from plane engines and machinary to do this piece. It’s suppose to represent the face of a new millenium type robot.

Ah I notcied you changed it a bit in these last few minutes. Tsk tsk