Ultimate Kirupa Battle: Semi-Final Voting

Semi-Finals are over and it’s time to vote. Please vote on the best.

Voting will end Sunday afternoon and the final round will take place afterwards.

Vote just like the last rounds. Contestants may vote but not on your battle. Top entry goes with the first name. Bottom entry goes with the second name.

Good luck to everyone!

Theme 1: Infrangible
Cotestants: hypermint and zao

Theme 2: Volacious

  1. zao
  2. dj-studios

they were all so amazing, I had no idea which to vote for…


  1. zao
  2. dj-studios

Great work by all!! Dj, I think that’s the best I’ve seen from you.


  1. zao
  2. dj

this battle seems to be going a bit one sided…

im the only one that voted for hypermint’s piece…hmm. is it bad or something?

no, I almost picked it but then I decided I liked the colors in zao’s more, sorry :frowning:

1.) hypermint
2.) dj

  1. dj, sorry vdaminator your piece just looks like you had something already made, and then just stretched it out heh.
  1. zao


Volacious, sorry bro, but your skateboarder is way to distorted, and to that scale, it shows he’s 500’ in the air? Nice, but hey, you were facing a really good guy here. GG guys.

wow it does not look good for me


good battle for all participants…

  1. Zao
  2. Dj-Studios

Wouldn’t it be crazy that DJ got this far and then zao beats him in the next round? Wow this is gonna be crazy :P.

2)VDaminator (not volacious, hehe)

  1. Zao - Great colours man!
  2. Dj-Studios - Wow man that is excellent! I’m presuming Dj’s is the bottom one.

Moncrey - Vo’ Lacious is the theme I think lol.

yup v.dam is teh man