The End. Vote Now!

Well it is the end of the competition. Please vote truthfully based on originality, quality, and execution. This round had no theme. Size limit was 800x400.

Good luck!

zao has my vote!

bah… tough one, i think.
im gunna give it a few days before i make a vote.
all original sources is always a plus,
but zao’s is, in my opinion, a little more interesting.
both are very well done; ill take my time in choosing who i think is the real winner.

Zao has my vote as well.

I’m not feeling Dj’s green color. And I love Zao’s picture, it’s definitely one of the best pictures of the whole tournament :slight_smile:

I voted for zao, I like the style, but the font (I definately didn’t notice this before) on the bottom is really messed up and doesn’t seem aligned right…

sorry DJ :frowning:

bomingpixels, I think the border should be considered a frame and not part of the work, since it goes beyond the specified dimensions for this round. Hopefully the font, colors or anything else about the border wont effect anyone’s vote.

it didn’t effect my vote, I was just pointing out that the font didn’t seem as clean as the rest of the piece :slight_smile:

Liar! Youve Tainted The Votes!!

:smiley: just keedeenggg

Great job to both of you but I am going to have to go with Zao no offense to him but he was sort of the underdog and he really came through with this last peice. Great Job Zao as well as you DJ you truly are the best in the battle forums (until the next battle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol.)

Well, the font isn’t really part of the piece, like if you were to go into an art gallery, and read the description under the painting, it’s not part of the piece :slight_smile: Thx for the vote though.

**Also, in the official posting thread, I asked if DJ had any objections to the border, and he didn’t reply, so I didn’t think it was anything big.

it wasn’t just pointing it out :slight_smile:

9 - 0 Zao!

(I voted Zao)

Amazing work…

When does this end?

amazing work man, GREAT WORK!!!

I loved your image, very unique.



Sharif, just to let you know, when it is X - 0 generally that means you voted for X, you don’t need to tell us.

I loved Zao’s airplane engine stuff. My mom works in aerospace so i guess i’m a little biased :D. But great work.

he could’ve not voted, but good point…

16-0 Zao

Which means I voted Zao. His was inspired and came extremely well. Dj, yours was pretty good but his was on another level of awesomeness than yours. Good battle, but this one definitely and rightfully belongs to Zao. Congrats my man :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys, I didn’t expect this many votes what so ever. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the good battle DJ.

when i saw yours zao, i never thought these kinds of things can be done in photoshop. truly amazing work! :mu: