The End. Vote Now!

Well it is the end of the competition. Please vote truthfully based on originality, quality, and execution. This round had no theme. Size limit was 800x400.

Good luck!



Sharif, just to let you know, when it is X - 0 generally that means you voted for X, you don’t need to tell us.

I loved Zao’s airplane engine stuff. My mom works in aerospace so i guess i’m a little biased :D. But great work.

he could’ve not voted, but good point…

16-0 Zao

Which means I voted Zao. His was inspired and came extremely well. Dj, yours was pretty good but his was on another level of awesomeness than yours. Good battle, but this one definitely and rightfully belongs to Zao. Congrats my man :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys, I didn’t expect this many votes what so ever. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the good battle DJ.

when i saw yours zao, i never thought these kinds of things can be done in photoshop. truly amazing work! :mu:

I voted for Zao also. His use of colors is really good :slight_smile:

Zao! You have been voted for by the Kirupa-San! GASP! :krazy:

In the world of 1337…
we call that PWNAGE :wink:

Sorry DJ. Your downfall, in my opinion, was the huge grids and huge font. I was digging everything else… the lines and text kinda drew away from the actual picture which, by itself, was lacking what was needed to win.

Even though this battle seems to have a totally steamrolled vote, I think we should note that this was the final round and both people are very skilled artists.

Dj Come Back !!!

Lol good point sushi :P.

BTW - The reason I didn’t vote for DJ is because I think those positions of him are overused and I just didnt’t find the graphic of the blood cells with a grid window on top of it very interesting.

25 - 0 Zao. Oh my god…that has never happened, especially against DJ. Truly amazing :thumb:.

What threw me off DJ’s were the horizontal lines.

Voted Zao as well

@Zao: Composition, execution, and theme very good. Looks like it could be a poster.

@DJ: Step away from using yourself in all of your compositions. This composition seems to have no real purpose, and no theme to make it flow.

whoa, some1 voted for dj

Um and?

I guess Dj fell silent to his battle eh?

Keep it strong bro! Clench dem cheeks!

me too…