UltraShock Characters

Oh just curious. You got a website I could look at? I’m working on a Flash website for my company and one for myself. Thats why I originally wondered about those cartoon characters. I want my site to be really cool looking and fun.

Subaru rule. I’ve got a forester… not nearly the pickup of the impreza, but I’ll tell you what… I don’t slip on the road no matter what I’m going through. That baby sticks to the surface like flies on ****.

just to continue this bad language… :slight_smile:

My friend has a customized imprezza. Sweet deal… though the 0 to 60 is much more impressive than the top speed of the vehicle. He likes driving his on back roads more than the highway for just that reason.

Oh yeah, the Impreza just <I>rocks</I>. It’s pretty much like any other car, until you hit about 60 and the turbo kicks in. Plus you can hear that engine a mile off. Lovely. I wanted one, but then my mate got one, so I can’t now, they’d accuse me of copying. I’m opting for the BMW M3 or Mitsubishi Evo instead.

But I digress.

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t actually have my own site. How embarrassing is that? But in my defence, I’m working on one now. Honest.

Some of my ‘corporate’ stuff is on Snooplife, [URL=http://www.espresso.co.uk]Espresso and [URL=http://www.churchill.com]Churchill though. But these aren’t really all that exciting. Or much Flash involved either, for what they called, ‘business reasons’.

Well, since you are all talking about cars, i just thought I would add my opinion. In terms of durability and function, and speed, in my opinion German manufactured cars are the way to go. BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and even some VW (just not the freakin’ beetle!!) And never get an Audi TT, check out www.myaudittsucks.com or www.myvwlemon.com.

I own a 1987 porsche 924s, with just over 100,000 miles. I figure it has a good 75,000 left before I have to rebuild the engine, and it does 0-60 better than most other cars on the road, and it handles like a dream. It only loses traction when I let it.

Sorry, just love German cars…

German cars are really really good. Nothing beat out my old Jetta for sheer fun driving. Still… I like the forester best of all the cars I’ve driven. I’m not into speed, but safety and durability. That car has both. Comfort too. Soft heated seats… a great moon roof (the thing is 3 feet long) and a massive amount of storage space. It’s perfect for camping and such… which being one of my main passtimes it’s perfect for me. I do understand the love of the German vehicle though… great cars in general.

I am spinning out of control… why don’t you fill us, non-UK people in? heheheheh

nodding dogs?
oooohh yeah? (that sounds like Herbal Essences! A totally organic experience) (aah… maybe you dont know what that is…hheeh).

Kit, we’ve always been curious about you. Bring it on! We can take it!

Tablet is definitely the way to go. I use both (tablet and mouse). I play games as well, so it really doesnt feel right to shoot 'em up with a stylus. (I know, pen mightier than the sword).


I know, pen mightier than the sword

I never thought of that. giggle… that’s pretty funny.

nodding dogs?
oooohh yeah? (that sounds like Herbal Essences! A totally organic experience) (aah… maybe you dont know what that is…hheeh).
Kit, we’ve always been curious about you. Bring it on! We can take it!

Gawd, should I consider setting up a fan club? :smiley:

Alright, for all you non-UK residents who’ve no idea what I’m on about, here’s the full sp.

I work for an insurance company called Churchill. They’ve been going for about 20 years or so, and their corporate logo is the British bulldog - very patriotic and all that.

Now over the years, they developed a series of commercials, featuring this bulldog. But since they deal mainly in car insurance, they made this dog one of those nodding ones that you put on the back shelf of your car. You with me?

These commercials (and dog) are voiced by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. Don’t know if they’ve made it out to America, but they’re too English comedians who are very funny. The dog has a couple of catchphrases, which are “oh yes” and “Oh no, no, no, no”, and there’s kind of a duck as well occasionally…

Look, I know how this sounds. Bizarre doesn’t come close. If you look on the company website, you can watch some of the ads. That might explain a few things.

And I do know what the Herbal Essenses thing is, we’ve got that over here. Honestly, you’d never see anything like that in a British Court. And considering the sort of lawyers we have over here, that’s probably a good thing.

I’m now open for questions. :slight_smile:

I’d have to say you explained that one pretty well, Kit. I’m sure everyone else might know what you mean now. Isn’t it fun to confuse the rest of the international comunity?!

Nearly Friday! Thank Gawd for that Bank Holiday monday, the week seems to be dragging on enough as it is. I’m gearing up for a nice weekend stuffed with pizza’s, chips (fries in American-speak) and maybe some ice-cream. Hmmmm, ice cream …aarrrrr (Homer Simpson-style guggling noise).

Roll on Friday night!!

Yep, although the whole Bank Holiday thing threw me out completely, and I’ve gone through the whole week thinking it’s the day before.

Consequently, I’ve just realised that today is not Wednesday as I thought, but Thursday, and I’ve forgotton to put the rubbish out.


For you UKers…Ever heard of Eddie Izzard?

Hell yeah, I’ve heard of Eddie Izzard. He’s funnier live! He’s funny as something rhyming with “duck”.

I have indeed - I went to see him live at the Hammersmith Apollo a few years back. Incredibly funny, that man.

I especially liked his American tour. :slight_smile:

And do you guys know who Jack Dee is???

I just love Jack Dee’s sarcasm, reminds me so much of my brother who is the most sarcastic person in the known universe. I like the way he never smiles but its so funny when he looses it and cracks up.

I think the funniest comedians are Billy Connoly and Lee Evans - he sweats so much on stage! Eddie Murphy is brilliant thought. Have you ever seen his videos Raw and Delierious? So **** funny.

Seen Jack Dee live twice. :slight_smile:

He leaves notebooks at the side of the stage during the interval for you to write stuff in, then goes through them afterwards and adlibs for an hour or so. Great fun.

Raw and Delierious - some of the funniest standup ever produced. I still get to tears when I view those - absolute comedy.


Murphy’s comedy is hysterical, but I love Eddie Izzard. I actually have 4 of his videos, including the Hammersmith Apollo show. It was Glorious I believe… Never heard of the others, but I will have to check them out. Emo Phillips is a riot as well…

Have to jump in and agree that Eddie Izzard is the funniest thing ever invented.
Billy Connelly too, he’s doing a few charity performances up here in his home city, first time he’s performed here for six years. Me no got ticket though :frowning:
Anyone like Phil Kay, he’s not the greatest but he’s a great improviser, he did a Freshers week performance at my Uni and went on with no material and made it up. At one point he nearly pissed in someone’s bag…

There, that should confuse any non-brits…
i know im confused…

We weren’t talking about anything of great consequence anyway. Wouldn’t worry.