Ummm...linking from flash anim to within PC

hey guys…

uhh…i have a major problem here…
i don’t fully understand the whole conepts of actionscripting yet, so bear with me.

what i need help with is htis little ‘PC theme’
project i’m currently working on.

basically what i’m trying to achieve is a theme package consisting of icons, cursors, sounds, and the most important thing…an interactive background!!

on the background, there are shortcut buttons that i have placed, and i have had no trouble with linking them using the getURL command (c:/, a:/, d:/ etc etc)
but the thing that’s giving me the willies is that i don’t know howto make it open up an actual program…
it will oopen up the c:/ but when i put in an .exe file into the url…it won’t open!!!

is it possible to be able to open up these type of files within a flash animation???

from a projector file it should work just fine.

fscommand(exec, path+name of software.exe)…check the syntax of the fsommand…

hmm…what’s strange eyezy buddy is that it still doesn’t work…

did you mean to say that i need to actually type in the ‘exec’ command after the FScommand thingy?

on (release) {
fscommand (“C<img src= ALT=”:"> Program Files\Macromedia\Flash 5\flash.exe");


let’s keep in mind that i am pathetic when it comes to actionscripting…give me, let’s say-a few more years-for my slow brain to register any form of scripting jargon you throw at me…