und3r contruct1on

alright, im working on this site for an instutite for technology and feel like somethings missing from the site itself. any comments or suggestions please contact me at [email protected]. i’ll be updating this alot, so please comment soon as you see it. thanks for your help fellas

heres a link: http://www.geocities.com/hoj02/

Yo hojo,

I’m i free to give comments, haha, i would make everything finer and maybe give some things a lighter look.

Now you see it’s made with flash, if you can give it a finer touch with photoshop I think you will be pleased.

Also make some rollovers maybe, interaction is the key to get people look from whowwww, I think so :rambo:

What I do like, is the middle ball with his effect, the turning wheel…

I don’t say everything is BAD, it’s just tips i want to give to you.

But it’s allready nice…


yeah, i haven’t finished navagation, or even started it for that matter, because i want to tiddy up the design aspect first