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2 Days and 4 theaters later, I finally got to see it. The whole power outage thing was a bit of an epidemic in these parts. Many theaters didn’t have power and others didn’t have the movies they said they would (namely, for some odd reason, underworld).

When I did finally get to see it, about 5 minutes in, it became apparent that when people’s mouths moved and no voice came out, there was a problem with the film. At first, because the sound effects and bg music was still in place, it was hard to tell whether or not it was supposed to be that way (stylistically?) though it became obvious when 3 or 4 characters in seperate scenes each exhibited the same oddity.

So, got my money back and on to the next theater!


Now, what about the movie itself? To be honest, it had more story than I thought it would. It was quite involved and there was a lot of history and deception which all came back around and kind of revealed itself as the movie played through. There may, however, been some lack in the character development. I didn’t quite relate to the characters so much as I was expecting to (selene (Kate Beckinsale) mainly). Her as a character and her relationship with the human (Michael) wasn’t explored as much as it could have been, though given the state of the conclusion, it cries sequal - which of course relies on how well it does in the theaters. But you know, its not a love story, its a sci-fi action/adventure/thriller kind of thing, right?

All in all, however, I liked the movie. It proved to be a good fix for Matrix Revolutions as there are som obvious connections to be made between underworld and the Matrix movies. I wouldnt go so far as to say underworld was mimicing the matrix, though, as the clothes and style seen is very reminicent of such vampire/wererwolf movies - the dark gothic look isnt reserved for the matrix movies alone and it cant be attributed to them either. Not to say that the movies stands only as a fix. As a vampire movie it stands well on its own.

It made $22 mil this weekend which isnt bad (number 1). Its biggest competitor right now is Once Upon a Time in Mexico which is getting mixed reviews and has already been out long enough to make underworld look like a decent choice for movie goers. Underworld iteslf, however, is also getting mixed reviews. Its holding about a 2 1/2 star (of 4) average rating from critics, though casual reviewers seem to be content - atleast getting what they expected.

I wouldnt mind seeing it again, though probably wont go to the effort of doing so. I would like there to be a sequal however.

I would like show my appreciation for those butt shots of Kate walking into the vampire manor. :beam:

Heres another one:

On the Run: Trilogy 1

found it on yahoo… the first release of a trilogy made at once

“gregs preview” states:

Trilogy Note: (6/23/03) Belgian director Lucas Belvaux made this film concurrently with two other movies, forming a trilogy (hence the title).

could be catching on!

and heres an article from gazette.com explaining exactly what I mean (though with more information)