Hey everyone,
I’m starting to play Undying again for the millionth time, and this game has to be one of the scariest games ever! Has anyone else played it? If you haven’t, you may want to give it a shot. The story, the eerie sounds, and the creepy characters scare the actionscript out of me.

Kirupa :inc:

scare the actionscript out of me.

Haha…nope, never heard of it

Kirupa I have never heard of it. When did it come out and is there a place I can get a demo of it?

That’s the game from Clyve Barker right? He did Alice I think…

Am I right?

Ooh, sounds intriguing. Is there a demo?

Yeah - it is from Clive Barker. I’m not sure if he did Alice also, but I do know that Trent Reznor did the music for Alice :evil:

The game is a few years old and is based on the original UT engine. The graphics still look great though. I think you can find demos of it on various sites :slight_smile:

sweet, ima check it out!

Trent Resnor Is Coooool!

I just beat the Undying demo, let me just say, horrorfiying! This game is wicked awsome. One of the scariest game i’ve played! Give it a try and download the demo.

When I played the game for the first time, I was terrified early on when the glass in the ceiling broke and two howlers started chasing after me. I didn’t play the game again until a few months later :slight_smile:

Needless to say, I won’t be playing Doom III or anything remotely horrifying hehe.

haha kirupa just like me i soiled myself a little on resident evil (first one on gamecube) over my mates house when the dog jumps through the window also resident evil 4 look very good !
I’ll have a look at that demo now

I saw the game at Tuna’s house. It looks pretty cool. It doesnt seem like an old game because the graphics are fine. The demo only has a couple weapons but we read about all the weapons the full version has. Lets just say we cant wait until the game comes in the mail.

Have you guys tried using the Scyre (the glowing view) on some of the pictures in the mansion? That is pretty freaky. I’m not sure if the demo has the monastery also, but you can see the monks come alive by using the Scyre view also :slight_smile:

$5.95 new and sealed on ebay.


I paid about that much when I bought it on amazon two years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Undying is a great game that simply didn’t do well because Alice came out at the same time with far better marketing. If most people had to pick between Undying or Alice (with Trent Reznor’s name plastered all over it), I think Alice would be an easy choice. I hear Alice is also very scary, so Alice may even be a better game :slight_smile:

Hey I just bought Undying online for $6.00, I cant for it to be delivered to my house!!

Go to a close-by EB games and check out their used PC games section. You can get good games for like, 5 bucks. :smiley:

Undying was masterful!

Yeah, in the mansion if you use that sight than the paintings show thier true form even for the demo