Unemployed.. Ouch

Last night during the big power outtage thing I had to go to work. My boss was running the place with the generator as he normally does during outtages. Well I had to work the frier like I had been for the previous 9 months. Unfortunately the generator didn’t have enough juice to power the frier and the fan. So I was working where it was probably like 120+ degrees. Then my boss just left us there and didn’t tell us where he went but it was total bull**** that he did that and it really pissed me off… he should have to suffer like we did. So after a couple hours I just walked out. I walked home. I don’t know what I was thinking or anything but I feel like I really messed up. I called him up about half an hour ago and asked if I still worked there and he said no. It sucks because we were sort of like a family there. I really respected my coworkers and we got along great. My boss was also a good friend to me, or so I thought. I know he had every right to let me go, I just don’t know what to do.

So I’m asking you guys if you think I did the wrong thing or what and if you have any ideas on what I should do now.

you shouldn’t have walked out.

Hmm. Well I would not have done that, but considering the circumstances Im not shocked you did. I would have stuck it out and really given boss-man some grief about it - you know something to hold against him and possibly a reason for lenience in the future… “well remember that one day? I deserve to leave early today!”

But you know, you can only take so much of crap like that. Theres a tolerance level for everything. Looks like you just need to find yourself a better job? :-\ could be just the opportunity you need to get a better job… or something.

Yea you can find a better place to work.

Agreed. You shouldn’t have left. He was probably just hot-headed that day because of the outtage and the fact that you guys run a restaurant where it doesn’t get any cooler.

Oh well, just look for another job for next summer. School’s coming up anyway.

would not have walked out

I think you made a very wrong choice. You are an employee that is hired to do a job and sometimes you have to do it under adverse circumstances. Walking out showed your lack of respect for your boss, co-workers, and your job. While you left your co-works, or what you call your so called ‘family’ had to make up for your lack of effort and do your work. He did the smart thing not letting you come back, that would show the other workers that your lack of professionality is acceptable, which it should never be how close a relationship is. Don’t be mad at him for being a boss, it’s his job and if he let being ‘friends’ with an employee get in the way of his job, then he doesn’t deserve his position as anyone’s boss. A job is a source of money, health benefits, and other things adults need eventually. If you treat is immaturely and not uphold your part then you will be dropped from it. Life isn’t peaches, grow up and learn from your mistakes. This will just be a learning experience, maybe a bad one, but at least you know not to apply for a job unless you are mature enough to handle an adult situation.

Sorry if I sound like a prick, but that is my opinion on your situation.

dan is right.

disrespect in any form is a bad thing. I would never have let an employee come back to work, no matter how good they were (I worked in retail)…

live and learn…

and FYI - being a boss does have some perks… being able to leave when it is absolutely hellishly hot, is one of them. He also has to stay when something/someone goes wrong. Now he has to cover your shift as well.

just a diff point of view


Yeah you guys are right, i realize I did the wrong thing. I’m also 90% sure that it was illegal for him to ask me to work in conditions like that. Still your right it’s not right what I did but I just kind of got pushed over the top. Also, this isn’t the first time, it’s the 3rd time this has happened. I’ve also let him know how I felt in the past, but it didn’t get through to him. Oh well time to move one. Blah

wait how old are you? And what kind of job were you doing?

I’m 16 and I worked on a frier. I think it was illegal because we didn’t have enough juice with the generator to power the fans. So I’m thinkin that that’s illegal since it was probably a good 120 degrees where I was.

well you’re supposed to be 18 to work with friers (if my memory serves) but the conditions you were in aren’t really illegal. There are many that face worse conditions every day…

in CA, and in Hawaii, that is not illegal. It would have to be written into the labor statutes, and it so rarely comes up, it never gets added. It could have been a fire issue, without the fans, but that is prob all.


Yeah I know the conditions can get much worse and I’m not like a dick who thinks the world owes me. But like I know what I can take and what I can’t and that just happened to be what I couldn’t.

So can I have a job at your McDonald’s Jubba? I won’t walk out I promise =)

I.E. Contruction workers, landscapers, firemen. . . .

*Originally posted by xxviii *
**So can I have a job at your McDonald’s Jubba? I won’t walk out I promise =) **

I don’t work at McDonalds anymore… I walked out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really. I found another job, and gave advanced warning to McDonalds. :slight_smile:

You guys I’m seriously not saying I had it worse than everyone. I don’t think I deserve anything for putting up with it either. I just made a decision based on what I felt was wrong.

[edit]Congrats Jubba! I like the subtle-ness of the advanced warning. Next time… [/edit]

There have been times I wanted to walk out, and times that I was actually on my way out the door when I decided that it wasn’t worth it and then I went back to work and finished the day… Then I just bi**tched at my boss for being such a moron…

it all works out…

Don’t break a nail. . . . .


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**Don’t break a nail. . . . .

:stuck_out_tongue: **


Jubba-yeah I know that’s what I should have done =/