Unfinished vector, need help at last stage

hey, this is an unfinished drawing im doing, iv been working so hard i think my eyes are going to bleed. My only question is, where can i find a good skin tone pallet? Im not satisfied with the colors I am using for the skin.

other than that, any comments?( but remember its not finished, and not all the lines are staying/inplace, so be nice :stuck_out_tongue: )


hey, Its deffinately important to look other artists work to figure out what you like, and donโ€™t like. If your working with illustraator you can open a set of skin tones in the swatches pallet, if you click on the arrow i think? Also iโ€™d suggest you not use a black out line, use a contrasting colour instead to bring out the shape.

As ilikepie says, use blocks of tones to suggest the shape of a nose, ie the shadow of a nose or the nostrils.

in illustrator there are premade palletes that you can use, try looking at the skintones one :slight_smile: