Unfinished vector, need help at last stage

hey, this is an unfinished drawing im doing, iv been working so hard i think my eyes are going to bleed. My only question is, where can i find a good skin tone pallet? Im not satisfied with the colors I am using for the skin.

other than that, any comments?( but remember its not finished, and not all the lines are staying/inplace, so be nice :stuck_out_tongue: )


ya, i think the colours do need some work… have you tried looking at other peoples work and seeing what kind of pallettes they use? (obviously not just ripping them though).

a site i like to look at for arty stuff is www.gfxartist.com and particularly the “elite” section, there’s some cool stuff there, and a bit of vectors too.

the other thing i would say is that it usually looks better if you can define stuff not thru lines but blocks of tone… particularly, with the nose - i think it would look good if you softened (or removed) the line and just added some darker colour or something to suggest the form of the nose.

keep workin! don’t give up in the final stages :smiley:

hey, Its deffinately important to look other artists work to figure out what you like, and don’t like. If your working with illustraator you can open a set of skin tones in the swatches pallet, if you click on the arrow i think? Also i’d suggest you not use a black out line, use a contrasting colour instead to bring out the shape.

As ilikepie says, use blocks of tones to suggest the shape of a nose, ie the shadow of a nose or the nostrils.

in illustrator there are premade palletes that you can use, try looking at the skintones one :slight_smile: