Universal Picture Viewer/Scroller

Hello but I talked to someone about 2 weeks ago and asked them if they knew how to make a button scroll pictures, set an action to them. He said that he was working on a universal picture scroller that the general public will be able to use. If you anyone reads this, do they know if its gonna happen or not??? just wondering, if not can someone help me on assigning an action to a button that will scroll different pictures??


It’s me… :frowning: … I’m still working on this. To build it is not too much trouble, but to make it universal so that you can just plug in pics and go is not so easy…

Still working…

I was just wondering, not trying to rush you or anything. Thanks for replying hope to talk to you soon


Here’s my problem… it can be done easily enough… but the loadMovie(); function doesn’t work on a Mac computer. So as long as it only needed to be seen on IE, I can do it now. Alas… I cannot use this method as I do not believe in leaving out 20% of the viewer share.

in some instances loadMovieNum() will work where loadMovie() fails.

i have no idea why. but i have made many, mac compliant movies using loadMovieNum().

maybe it’ll work for you too. ; )

I will check that out… if you’ve solved my problem… I owe you a big smooch.

Well if you can send me the one that is compliant with explorer that would be cool, but if you want to finish it completly before you let it out to the public I understand. If you want to contact me, contact me at [email protected]


that sounds awsome.
send it my way
[email protected]

ok, Supra… I’m having problems locating any information on the loadMovieNum(); statement… can you explain in what way it differs and provide a string of sintax for me to look at?

i think it’s pretty much identical:


3 being the level you want to load it into.

unloadMovie(_level3); to get rid of it.

i’ve found that if you try to unload a movie that isn’t there, flash unloads some other movie which it chooses at it’s discretion. not good. so better to write:


that way everything doesn’t go to hell if the movie hasn’t loaded yet.

btw, nice typo on "sin"tax. a freudian slip? ; )

Nope. third grade crappy teachers, and a complete lack of desire to memorize something as silly as spelling. Yeah, I regret it today… truthfuly I’m pretty good if I think about what I’m typing but my finger speed far exceeds the speed of my mind. :slight_smile: thanks for not picking on my spelling too much.

I’m still a little confussed about loadMovieNum();… if it’s basicaly the same, and uses the same syntax, why on earth have a loadMovie(); command at all?

Can you think of anything that is specifically different about it…how it’s used… or whatever?

loadMovieNum(); can’t target an internal movie. must go into a layer.

i’m not aware of any limitations of loadMovie(); but then i hardly use it. creature of habit i guess.

Thanks … I will attempt to incorporate that action. Sounds like just the thing I need for both this, and my own web site.

Suprabeener your the best.