Unloading one movie to load another how do u do this?

Im currently working on my site and I have an external movie loading into my mainpage. Now what I’d like is to load additional info to this movie everytime someone clicks on a button and remove or unload any previous info… and so on…basically i have an interface in which i want movies to be loaded into. I can load movies, but Im having trouble with the unloading part…frustrating.

whether you are loading into levels or targets when you load a new swf the old swf is replaced by that loaded swf - if you are loading into the same level/target.\rif this is not happening, just use unloadMovie or unloadMovieNum.\r:) \rjeremy

thanks jeremy it worked it was pretty easy, but I know I tried it before and it wasn’t working…perhaps it was the levels…I’ve learned to organize levels.\r\r\r\rthanks again