Updating flash web site


i’d like to know how a flash-based web site can be updated.
one way is probably to change/update the actual *.fla file, but this seems rather complicated and “not economical”…and i certanly hope that there is an easier way of doing that

tnx for your help


1/put only the parts you’re NOT going to update in your basic fla
2/ put all the rest in different other flas, so you can use loadMovie to bring in the content (swf’s)
3/put your text in simple notepad text-files and load these

or 4/buy Generator to load in dynamic content :slight_smile:

what’s ‘Generator’ ?

yo eyez, can ya tell me in an e-mail or on here (whatever) how to use the text file idea. so i have a text file that can be updated and the flash movie just drags it up.

please, that would be cool

An “add-on” to Flash to incorporate dynamic content, in your fla you just put placeholders for text, swf or images, and generator templates load the content in.
Check out www.macromedia.com/software/generator/
but it’s very expensive ($648 if you own Flash…).

no help for me :frowning:

Let me get back to you on this. There are a number of posts in this forum about this effect… I’ll try to find the pages for you and put some links in here. :slight_smile:

here is one related post

The post ‘bout generator was more in response to the question, as for the text files, the thread posted by upu’ should answer that…btw, it was also started by you, so…

lol… well shows you how much I was paying attention last night…

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