Uploading footers?

how do I do it? I want to get it in my sig…

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[swf="the url of here movie here=60 width=300"][/swf]

but first you have to upload it to a server. then add the link where it says to. but be sure to keep the footer the same size as i added i nthe script.

hope this helps

ps. welcome to the fourms. enjoy your stay here.

er… whats a good server to upload it too?

(as I said in other posts, I’m sort of the n00b)

its ok,

a server is something like www.tripod.com . and its basically just to get things online. just like this site. kirupa uses a server to store all the information for this site.

Yay Alex! You ARE helpful! All spam? I didnt believe it for a second! :wink:

how do I upload it onto tripod?

once you register, you have to open up there file manager. just tell me when you get there and i will talk you through it.:nerd:

I’m there

(thanks for helping me ^_^)

ok, once you get into file manager. there should be a drop down menu on the brown tool bar on tripods page. and it says Upload via. now what you want to choose is ‘Single Files (8)’ displayed in the drop down menu. it is now going to bring you to a new page. click on browse.

now you will need to search for the file on your computer. then just click ok. and then your file is now online. all you have to go is get the link and add it into the signature part on the fourm

once you get the link, tell me and i will guide you through the rest.:slight_smile: