why does your sig only rollover on top? is it supposed to do that? and if it is how did you do it? w/ tell target?

hee hee. It’s kind of ment to just do it’s thing once, but I never fixed it… so sometimes it rolls back to the way it was upon loading.

Someone else I think had also mentioned that to me… eyez…perhaps…

Rather than give you the explination for the wrong version, I’m trying to come up with an explination for the fixed signature… at least I hope it’s fixed

starin at that thing is makin me dizzy…but my brain is so shot from my biology classes and its not really an issue any more.

are you talking about the logo itself and the optical illusion I placed on it??

ahh very nice… only a couple of people have asked me about that. I thought that you were refering to the glitch that made the action not occure exactly when I wanted it… which is, when the mouse gets close enough to the center.

The logo of the sphere with the centerspin text spinning around it, is actually an accident… I had intended for the text to run half the circle i the front of the sphere, and half behind the sphere so that it looked realistic. But viewing it slightly scewed for a while, I opted to keep it as it is, even though it looks like a mistake, it’s quite an interesting illusion.

yeah the logo itself makes me dizzy, but i noticed that the text goes behind and in front, and i was trying to figure out if it was my eyes that were screwed up (which they are) or if the text was actually doing that. Took me a few minutes to catch on…its a great illusion.

That particular text just doesn’t have the gravitational properties, it isn’t as dense in the cyber world. Thats why it does that.



no doubt phil