Upuaut's headache

www.centerspin.com\r\rCheck it out… feed back is always appreciated… it should be more filled out by the Solstice.\r\r:)

kewl… i sat and imagined it all in real time 3d =[ maybe that will be possible in 3 years =[ until then we gotta fake it using flash. ponder me this… quake 3 has particle effects where u shoot water and a splash comes up and u shoot a wall and a poof of smoke pops out and u can run around a fully textured, real time environment and interact with it… but flash cannot create this realistically for the web… why is the net graphics so far behind all other technology? just a small thought… and an opinion. the files used to create such effects are compressed and systematically taken from zip files and placed in game at barely no cost to the user’s time and still maintaining a usual 30 fps rate… i just think it sux that it cant happen like that on the net. im too tired

Good question, considering how fast QIII plays online. :slight_smile: It has a lot to do with compiled data vs noncompiled data.

Is it on purpose that the text spinning 'round the sphee (logo) is s’times behind, s’times in front?\rAnd that the text for the section you’re in stays visible in blue behind the white text when you rollover a button?\rLike it! Fill in the content now :wink: \rafterthought: BEAUTY, spelled correctly!

lol… thanks for the (sp)… my spelling SUCKS!!\r\r:) \r\rglad you noticed the text around the sphere… it’s one of my effects… or at least I’ve not seen anyone else do it.\r\rTry not to look too hard at it. Let it be in your peripheral vision, and you will see an optical illusion effect. It’s quite nice and completely by accident.\r\rYes, the text names for the sections are two text fields, one on top of the other. The back one is set up to stick with the name while in a section, the top is set to pop up on roll over of another sphere, and the back one says in place. It seems to work pretty well.\r\rThe spheres really don’t dance as much as they used to, but you can hit refresh, and not move your mouse onto the screen, and you will see the random motions of the centerspin effect… which is where I got half the script for the snowflakes. \r\rContent coming… please feel free to break out the paddles and give me a good beating… it may not make me work faster, but I’ll enjoy it. :wink:

nice site :wink: \r\rI like the whole thing…I like the way you jimmy rigged the text going around the ball for your logo…nice! Once Problem…it may just be my PC but your site took about 90% of my PC memory! But hell I am at work…it can’t be the connection (dual T1 here)! Maybe its just that there are soo many tweens and clips in viewing mode that it just eats up crappy PC’s like mine up like it is Cheesecake! Good luck bro…and remember I love the site, it must be just my PC…me and my lousy 512mb of memory…sounds like a lot but this PC uses a lot to work…its Networked!

Hey upuaut,\rThe animations looks really nice. I really liked your spinning head logo on the right. Pretty neat lol. I did experience some minor slowdowns, but closing a few apps running in the background ensured your site was running perfectly. In one of the sections, the mailbox goes above the text. You might want to modify that the next time you are updating that animation :slight_smile:

mailbox above the text???.. I’ll have to look at that…

That’s really bizare… all night last night I was trying to ftp through windows cmd line. Couldnt’ get it to work… none of my txt’s would update. Now I look and they updated…\r\r@#%$… I wish I knew how I was @#%$ that up.

man that spinny logo messes with your head… I LOVE IT\r\rim gonna say this but i mean it in a good way… the site is not my type of thing, dont get me wrong it would rock if it was, cos i couldnt do half the stuff on that but… yeah il shut up now…\r\rso on the whole great site, love you logo and i wish it was my type of thing… well done

lol… yeah, I know what you mean by that. I think, anyway. :wink: \r\rThis is supposed to be an example of what can be accomplished, Navigation wise, imagry wise. I also have other concepts which will take hold, and may again, not be your thing, or anyone elses for that matter. Just examples.\rAn Html version will follow, I assure you. That one will be a little more clasic in it’s nature and styling, Navigation and theme. As it is, I’m doing all the Tutorials in HTML anyway. I see no reason why someone should have to have a flash viewer open to do a tutorial. We have enough odd things on our screen. :slight_smile:

Updates have been made… things are looking beter each day. Do visit again, and if you haven’t already, shame on you.\r\rIt’s so easy. Just click on my sig below.

Hey upuaut8!\rThe updates make the site more polished now! It rocks :slight_smile:

disable the link for the button of the section you’re in, to avoid reloading the same thing…rest is ok/ nice (3d fx and so)…

Challenged my video card and my super PC. Don’t know what’s going on there. I kind of like it…not sure it is my think, I like the more tech orientated designs.\r\rYou didn’t say which solstice you wanted feedback by…lol.