Urgent help needed for print script

I need some hep with printing desparately. I am putting together a cdrom, and i need the user to be able to print out different pictures. Now because i don’t understand much about actionscript, i am finding it imposible to do. I have tried the #p, but as everyone else has mentioned, everything wants to print at once. Because it’s for school kids, this isn’t a very good option as there are about 83 different pages that want to print. The bounding box thing won’t work as some are horizontal a4 and some are vertical, on the screen(smaller obviously. I don’t want the whole interface with buttons etc to print, so here’s what i think will work.I will make a different button for every frame that i want printable. I have made all the images ready to print at the right size. Can i just have the jpegs somewhere (library or on the timeline at the end, so they can’t be seen) Can i tell the button to go to and print framewhatever. If so what the hell is the script please. And please make it simple i have slept for days trying to get this finished. I have spent so much time sifting through forums that i could have learnt the whole damed actionscript language by now. PLease does someone have a simple answer.