URGENT:I've had a brain freeze - help with vars


I have a fair understanding of AS but I am certainly no scripter. I have put together a sample file of a navigation system I had in mind. Basically there are 5 sections to my movie. Clicking on one of sections loads a new swf into a container in the main movie. There are intro’s and outro’s to each section. What is confusing me is that say, I’m in my fla, you go to section1, page 2 (1_2 on the white triangular buttons), how do i get to page 3_4 for instance. This page is in another swf. I guess when you press this 3_4, all the appropriate outros need to happen for section1, then section 3 needs to intro, then page 3_4 needs to intro.

Can anyone please, please, pretty please help me.

Thanks in indeed.