URGENT PLEASE Is this a simple thing? is that why I couldn't find anything about it?

Hi There Everyone!

As I could see alot of people have written about this tutorial but i have read all the threads concerning this and couldn’t find any solution to my problem!

Yes it concerns the claudio transition preloader! I have figured that out alright (thanks claudio for a fantastic tute) but what I need to know and have teared my hair trying to figure out (not too good at actionscript but trying!) is this:

Ok so i have index.fla where all the external swfs are loading into just like the tutorial but what i want to do is not have an external swf play when index.fla loads but a movie clip that is in index.fla already. What is the best way to go about this please going from the actionscript used with the tutorial? And also what should I put on the buttons for this movie to dissappear when I want an external swf to show or the other way around? thankyou so much in advance. this is to a deadline so any help asap would be greatly appreciated.

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