URL address in data code

[font=Arial]I have added an action script to my combobox that when an item is selected, text reads in dynamic text fields. Everything works great at this point. One of my text fields would load an email address for a sales representative. I would like this text to be a hyperlink to the sales person’s email address. I would have to do this in the actionscript, but I have no clue how to do this.
My actionscript reads as follows:
{label:“Alabama”, data:{name:‘David Bailey’, phone:‘706-276-7171’, region:‘Northwest Region’, address1:‘216 Sailor Dr., Suite 221’, address2:‘Ellijay, GA 30540’, email:‘[email protected]’}},
In bold is where I would like the “mailto” command.
Any ideas? I would appreciate any help possible.
Brooke [/font]