Using dowhile?

I’m using Flash to create an interface that links to various Word, PowerPoint, and PDF’s (that open in a new window). However some documents are quite large, and take several seconds to open. How can I tell the user that the document is opening, and not to KEEP CLICKING THE LINK!!?? Can I have something akin to the hourglass pop up? Is this a dowhile function? Any advice.


1/put the button in a clip on frame 1, on click, send this clip to frame 2 with the same button but no action associated
2/Specify the size of the doc/pdf/whatever next to the button, so the user knows it might take a while…
No need for do …while!

thank you. I tried that, and it does work, except that my library now has residual information next to the last button I pressed. How can I automatically have this disappear after the document opens (in a new window). sometimes there is a significant pause before a blank window even opens.

thank you again.

eyz, thanks.

i found a way around that problem (should have thought it out longer before last reply).

I have a two-second flashing loading… , then jump into the file. the very last frame of that movie clip doesn’t use the imbedded flashing loading…

interesting though… couldn’t have it flashing while the file was loading because it stalls/stops flashing for a few seconds while the file loads, then continues.

thanks again.