Using Flash MX (or 5) to edit swift


does anyone know how to edit swf stuff made by swift 3d so i can edit it using flash mx or 5?


maybe importing your swf or swft exported from swift into flash? :sleep:

see kax thats the problem

you cant edit swfs using flash…

or can you??

well… relatively… you can

importing a swf into flash will appear like a simple frame by frame animation… no actionscript or movie clips will be imported as such… lol (hope you get the point)

but an animation made by swift doesn’t have problems because there’s no actionscript or movie clips involved… so you can edit it.

but I’d use swft format if you have swift 3d v3.

so its possible to edit swfs from swift in to flash mx or something

if so thats how?what id like to now


ok… do you mean editing an imported object in flash as if you were workin’ in swift? if so… you can’t

as I said… you can relatively edit the swf in flash… let’s say that flash doesn’t know that the object it’s in 3D… for flash that’s just another shape makin’ your movie bigger.

importing your movie in swft format you’ll have a little more control over it… because the swift 3D flash importer separates highlights, shadows, objects, etc. to its own layer.

just in case you don’t know how to import any file go to: File ¦ Import

hope that helps :slight_smile: