UT2004 and Loading Times

Hey everyone,
Just out of curiosity, how long does it take for those of you who play U2k4 to load a map while playing online?

It takes me about 4-5 minutes for me to load a map, and by the time I am in the game, several players have at least 10 or 11 frags before I even get a shot out.

My system is not too old, for it’s a P4 2.2, 512MB Rambus, 40GB 7200RPM HD, and a Radeon 9600 Pro gfx card. I did edit the INI file to disable all the precaching of textures, and that helped while playing single player. Multiplayer still does take forever though.

EDIT: Yes - I also have defragged.

Kirupa :skull:

I only have the demo, but it takes around 30 seconds to load.

maybe your internet is something to consider?

or p’raps you need to reinstall the software?

dunno… haven’t played this game yet… i realllllly wanna tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the responses. I’m able to play Halo online without a problem, and I’m on cable internet. I did reinstall, but that didn’t work :slight_smile:

Same thing goes for my kirupa, loading times are insanely long. Even my UT2004 demo loading times dont take that long, does anyone know a solution to this?

Thanks for the responses. I’m able to play Halo online without a problem, and I’m on cable internet. I did reinstall, but that didn’t work :slight_smile:
That’s good that they have High Speed at MIT. :smiley:
UT2004 Looks cool! Is it worth the $$$?

Hey Kman, I don’t know if you have seen this yet or not, but have a look…


You might be able to find some help in there. Also, how fast is your hard drive? is SATA or just reg ATA and what is the actual speed?

I’m actually at home. I have a much faster connection than cable at MIT :slight_smile: The game is definitely worth it. I’ve been a big fan of UT (the original), but skipped over UT2k3 for UT2k4 instead. The graphics and gameplay are just your classic UT - which is a great thing.

Sureshot - I think my HD is 7200 RPM. Thanks for the link though. I’ll go through the guide in greater detail in a bit :slight_smile:

They’re selling Kirupa’s nowadays?

Where can I get one? :beam:

[size=1]Okay bad joke :trout:[/size]

np for the link Kman :wink:

As for your hard drive, that should be fast enough for sure. Have you tried finding a No Cd crack for the game yet? A lot of people do that so they don’t have to access their Rom drive while playing because it tends to slow the gaming down.

That’s a good call.

Big K, I have an 80 gig drive and a Pentium 2.8 with 512 ram, DSL, and I experience load times similar to yours. I think they’re just really really big files.

I have the DVD edition Sureshot, and the most recent versions of UT2k4 come with a a no-cd crack officially built-in them. So I never have to worry about CD things.

morse/noah - that is just bad! I’ll try to tweak it for a few more days, but if it doesn’t work, I may just give up on UT2k4 until I upgrade my system in a long while :slight_smile:

Sorry Big K, I’m outta ideas :frowning:

I got UT2k4 The day it was released, “Its all about Online onslaught”

Just dont get enought time to play it, and yeah i get a long ish load times when online :h: some time the other players have started already, ive turned off precaching, althought it didnt make much of a difference, its not too bad but it does piss you off if some one has already got a couple of frags in.

Im running a AMD 2800+ with radeon 9700 pro 128, 512DDR ive got all settings at max, max details etc it runs amazing at 1152 x 864 or higher.

I think its all down to the server and ping times. Ive got 512k broadband (soon to be 1MB) and I live practically on the exchange son no probs there I get ultra fast download times.

Thing is if you check online every one thinks its something different, cpu speed, hard drive speed, then some one will say no its your ram??? everyone has a different theory as to how they solved it, None worked for me. and still noone knows for sure.

If you manage to solve it let me know.

If you turn off [color=green]preload all player skins[/color] (not sure what menu it’s on) it cuts the load time for maps huge. It’s not neccesary and on some of the newer patches it may be turned off by default. I used to have the same problem till I turned that off.

yeah done that. but still some people start the game before me??

I mean my load time are not that bad, but the other players start before me? how?

hmm, it might be people playing closer to where the server is, people playing right on the server’s network ect. Other than that, I’m not sure.

I tried doing all kinds of tweaks, but the loading time is still extreme. It’s ok though. I’ll give it another shot in a few years when UT2k6 or whatever it will be gets released :slight_smile: Hopefully I won’t be using this same computer then haha.

I’ve put mine up for sale on Amazon for only a few dollars less than what I paid for it, so hopefully I may gain from my PC’s lack of co-operation :stuck_out_tongue: