valay5 asked to be banned

Just an FYI…

this is not a joke.

This idiot asked to be banned, so he is.

This is the truth, no matter what gossip may occur because of this…

I just wanted to let everyone know that the mods are not banning everyone who disagrees, or p.o.'s them…

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled spam…


yea, real funny guys. Thanks a lot! Well, you have to admit I gave you some good laughs when I was sooo immature.

And btw, someone should delete the other thread I created a while back, whrere I said I had come back to haunt you.

thats valay5 i presume


Yup Valay - I hope you’re not as dumb as before… Well I was going around the forums and noticed some of your post are meaningless (ie: “…” )…

Post deleted.

Why did you get asked to be ban in the first place? Wouldnt it have been easier if you just left instead of wasting your time wanting to be banned? Attitude like yours are tolerated here. Its unfair to the rest of the members here who help instead of being an annoyance.

Hey Phat7 :slight_smile: Havent seen you in a good while man, where have you been?

Hey Phat7 Havent seen you in a good while man, where have you been?

Rule number (Math.random()*40): always read the date tags of posts :beam:

Guys, dont worry! I have changed, for the better.

Minimal- I was retarted before, but as I have said, I have changed.

you know your signature says “enter the martix” right?
didn’t know if it was intentional.

doesnt say in anymore! My signature was too long.

You have changed … but perhaps in the wrong way if you still make posts like “…” ?

Everyone deserves a second chance… good luck and don’t dissapoint! :slight_smile:

thx Sureshot! Glad I got someone on my side.

Btw, nice footer!

haha, thanks man :slight_smile: