Hi guys. We recently did this site. I like to get some feedback before we promote it.


Thanks & Cheers,


Mmm… I couldn’t get past 90%. Strange…

pom :asian:

you should pass it. However i saw myselfe somtime, rare but sometimes, that after loading the content it didn’t swapped over. I guess its a MX preloader error. I modified the old 5 preloader script only. May be there are new and better once out there.

Please try again and other if you don’t have this problem tell me, thanks.


Loaded for me!

Good job on the site and nice photographic work!

Wow, I really enjoyed your site.
Very simple clean and effective.

Great site. Very well done.

However, one thing that bugged me is that the menu wasn’t alligned properly. Some times the roll-over boxes would overlap, sometimes they’d be extremely seperated, something the menu to its right would be slightly lower, etc.

Other than that, though, amazing site.

Thanks guys for the feedback. Nice to know people like it. Was a lot of scripting work to load everything in by demande. I will take care of the alingment.