Vector Battle Redux With Really Long Title That Will Probably Get Cut Off

First off my battle forum got deleted by accident by who knows…
and this is the redux or badly shaped clone of it.

since I hope that most contestants have a decent memory I will skip the long boring introduction with the flavor of lemon and get into it…

I challenge
dr. voeg
and a few others…:thumb:
and to give a little taunt:: [whisper]“my milkshake is better than yours, it brings all the designers and developers to my yard, I could teach you but I have to charge…”[/whisper]

I want 1024x768 but not sure if in the forum it can be attached or if its an easy download for the viewer?–any suggestions

rounds: 10mx 3min

uhmm after each round a contestant can use a character from a previous battle of another protagonist to spice up the battle

whoever enters first gets to make the theme for the next round
and noone can go twice, in other words the same person won’t be giving art themes…[SIZE=“1”]I would like a general non-participant to contribute a theme but I don’t want to wait on a random person…might slow things up[/SIZE]

also good luck…