VertizonticalStudios, need some testers please

Hi, i’ve just uploaded my flash site: , enter either the high or low bandwidth version. If you could please navigate to the portfolio section, then the image gallery and see if the image pop-ups work i would really appreciate it. I hope i can get some PC and Mac testers. I am on a mac and have tested it in IE and Safari. I followed the “launcing a centered pop-up window” from this site but have run into some issues. In IE very few of the links actually work, but the ones that do open up centered like i want. In Safari almost all of the links work except they don’t center the window. Some are centered at the top, some are at the top left, some are at the left middle, it’s weird. And for some reason the image at the bottom left corner won’t work at all. Im at a loss for why this is happening because i used the code from the tutorial exactly, and all of my buttons have the exact same code except open a different image. If some people could let me know if they run into these same problems that would be great. Also if anyone know why this is happening i would love to hear. And of course any other comments are welcomed. Thank you.