Very beginner loop action

How do I loop things? I’d like for my movie to end, then have the last 3-4 frames repeat continuously (It’s for a flashing sequence of the main logo above where I have my buttons.) I see the loop action all the time, and my MX is corrupt (Can’t use the preloaded scripts, or use templates.) Could someone fill me in on how to loop effectivly?


On your last frame add this action (assuming your movie is 100 frames for some reason)…


This will go back to frame 96 and play until 100 and keep looping around and around those 4 frames.

Of you can create your logo animation in its own movie clip. Add a stop() action on the last frame of your main time line and add no stop() action in the timeline of your movie clip. This will stop the main timeline, but your logo movie clip will keep looping around.

Gracias. :slight_smile:

No problem, hopefully you get it to work :slight_smile:

Okay, I won’t bother making a new thread in hopes of someone reading this.

At the bottom of that page (And, let me add, that site NEEDS Site of the Week, it is Godly), for example, under the Sub.Data, Equipment, and Transmissions they have a button that, on mouseover, does several different animation.

Any clue how they did this? And why it looks so streamlined?

2advanced is quite a nice site, but there are too many newbie flash sites that try to copy it (be original people!). It can only get SOTW if the creator of the site submitted it, so I don’t think that is happening :frowning:

Which buttons have several different animation? I see the ones at the bottom, but they only do like 2 animations.

They aren’t that hard either. The <B>simplest</B> way to do it is to create a button instance, and in the over state of the button create a movie clip that does what you want.

BTW/FYI - You can view the list of all previous SOTW winners here… (there are some nice sites there)

Remember that I know absolutly no actionscripting here. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t get this gotoandplay thing to work. My script looks like:


… That. Won’t work. Gives me some error, looks like:

Scene=Scene 3, Layer=Layer 1, Frame=41: Line 2: ‘)’ or ‘,’ expected
gotoAndPlay(Scene 1, 1);

Scene=Scene 3, Layer=Layer 1, Frame=41: Line 3: Unexpected ‘}’ encountered

Not only do I know have any actions on Scene 3, Layer 1, Frame 41, but that frame is the background text. What did I do?

Also, when trying to link a button, I’m using the:

on (release) {gotoAndPlay(Scene 1, 1);}

Should I just post my .fla file? =\ It’s fairly conveluted, right now. I think I have 50 or so ‘movie clips’ from the library, though I’m not sure the difference between the three choice. The worst part is I have read all the tutorials and I don’t get it.

Additional: It’s the mouseover button with the strobe effect on the left.

Ok, when calling a scene I believe it goes like this…

on (release) {
gotoAndPlay("Scene 1", 1);

That might be the cause of your errors.

As for the effect. The same thing I said before. Just create a movie clip in the over state of your button. When you mouse rolls over your button, it will trigger this clip to play.

Just create a movie clip in the over state of your button.

:q: Do what now? :-\ Sorry for being so ignorant here.

You know have button instances have different states right?

Like when you convert something into a button symbol, then you double click it, it says Up, Over, Down, Hit. Those are the 4 states.

Instead of just drawing something in the Over state, create your drawing (or right click and hit insert keyframe), then turn it into a movie clip symbol. Create your animation inside that movie clip. That way whenever you rollOver your button, this animation will be triggered.

How do you create an animation inside a movie clip? I’ve been doing everything frame by frame. =\

Also, all I want is for the text to fade from red to white, then back, and when clicked for it to go to Scene 1, frame 1. I’ve got the loop working, but I cannot get it to go back to the beginning of the movie.

To create an animation in a movie clip, just draw your shape, select it and hit F8. Choose “Movie Clip” from the radio buttons and name your clip. Double click on your clip and create your animation on that timeline instead of the main timeline.

Are you restarting from Scene 3 and going to Scene 1 Frame 1? or are you restarting in the same scene, just playing from the first frame?

I’m tempted to just post the darn .fla, this is ridiculously aggrivating that I can’t get this.

I’m trying to go from Scene 3, Layer 4, Frame 46, to Scene 1, Layer 1, frame 1.

The new error I’m given, is:

Scene=Scene 3, Layer=Layer 4, Frame=46: Line 1: Mouse events are permitted only for button instances
on (release) {gotoAndPlay(“Scene 1”, 1);

It is a button. I’ve checked, I’ve remade it it. It’s a button.

Well if you are getting that error, then you are actually putting that code in a frame.

In MX you can use button actions on Movie clips as well. So you wouldn’t get that error if you applied it to a movie clip, but you DO get that error if you put the actions on a frame.

BTW it is on (release) {gotoAndPlay(“Scene 1”, 1);<B>}</B>

Post the .fla if you want. I will try and take a quick look at it. I can’t spend TOO much time on it because I am working on another project, but from the sound of it, it shouldn’t take too long.

How do I apply the action directly to the button? I thought you were suppose to add it is to the keyframe, thus, everything in that keyframe (The button) would have it attached.

Shows how much of a newb at this stuff I am. :-\ No use posting the .fla, it’s enormous, it’d be tomorrow by the time my 56k could upload it.

You right click right on your button and chose “Actions” from the context menu to open up the actions panel.

Put your actions in there.

By George, I think I’ve got it. Other then having to click more then once on the flashing text, it DOES go to the beginning.

Thanks so much, sorry for wasting so much of your time. :stuck_out_tongue: lol.


You didn’t waste any of my time. I was here anyways.