Very Hard! Need to dupe, and autoname mc's, based on a var

I’m using 1 function to do all this, so yes it has to be this complex. : )

My clip to dupe: _root.matchjobs.matchj
must be duplicated as: _root.matchjobs[matchj + f] where f is an incrementing value. (matchj0, matchj1, etc.)

However, since i receive the locations matchjobs and matchj as variables, it becomes:
_root[firstvar][secondvar].duplicateMovieClip(_root[firstvar][secondvar], depth);

This is all being run from _level0 and I can’t get the clips to duplicate properly. They just… don’t… dupe…

Have you tried using eval? like eval("_root[" + firstVar + “][” + secondVar + “]”).duplicateMovieClip(eval("_root[" + firstVar + “][” + secondVar + “]”), depth);

not sure if that will work or not, but eval works for me when i can’t get variables to resolve to their values.

Thanks. I never did get the duplications to work using eval. To be honest, I’m not sure why they started working, but I’m beyond caring at this point.

Thanks for the assist!