Very... slow... LAN... (HELP!)

Alrighties… Here’s what’s happening:

Three computers:

  • laptop, connected via WiFi
  • desktop1, wired LAN
  • desktop2, wired LAN

All connected through a Linksys 4-port wireless modem/router.

  • Copy file FROM laptop TO either desktop = FAST
  • Copy file FROM either desktop TO laptop = SLOW
  • Copy file FROM one desktop TO the other desktop = SLOW

From this, I can deduce that the OUTGOING traffic from both the desktops is slow, since they can both RECEIVE files at fast speeds from the laptop and internet. SENDING files FROM the desktops to anywhere (laptop, other desktop, internet) is slow.

Possible causes:

  • Network cables? But why would bad cabling only restrict outgoing speed?
  • NIC settings? I tried playing with the settings - 10/100, half/full duplex, etc… No change.

Help? :frowning: