Video editing

I am not sure if this is the right section to post this but please bare with me moderators :slight_smile:

I want to do some fairly heavy video editing to somewhat resemble the ipod commercials (you know those commercial where someone is dancing and there body a solid color and the background is a different solid color). Well I am trying to decide what program I could use that could incorporate video editing like this and be able to export into falsh as a movie clip.

I am not sure exactly what program to use but I am thinking probably Discreet’s Combustion (i dont like apple products so please dont suggest them). Please give me your suggestions and tips for what products to use. Thanks.


what format video do u have?
mpeg, dat, avi ?

I threw it in the Forum Help > Other. Random is more for general talk. The help forums may be better for this kind of question.
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Well the thing is I am not quite sure. I will probably have to borrow a camera but I could probably get it in most any format.

you could use combustion, and some key tracking so you can have a paint operator on the character to have that silhouette/cut out look…

or you could use after effects and reverse the auto colour key… (i ve seen it done , but never done it myself)

If you have the chance maybe it will be easy to film people in front of a green screen / blue screen. will be easy to work on when editing, epsecially if you want to add your own background…