Vista Vs XP

Just to continue the discussion from another thread :smiley:

What is your Windows of choice and why?

By the way Templarian…

[COLOR=#336600][COLOR=#336600]I’m starting to doubt you even used Vista.[/COLOR]

[/COLOR][COLOR=black]What’s that about? Don’t patronise me, it’s rude and disrespectful. I’m not some lying little kid, I was having a serious discussion about XP Vs Vista.[/COLOR]

And I’ll tell you the main differences I noticed, to prove I have used Vista :smiley: Rolling over anything minimised produces a thumbnail sized preview, ie of your currect page in IE etc, there are more animated transitions and transparency etc, there is a sidebar thing with gadgets, like time/date/currency convertor, and a preview of your photos etc.

And the main bit that made me think it was like fisher price my first OS, is quite how bad it is with security boxes by default, almost everything you want to do, you have to select run as administrator/set permissions etc, it’s an absolute nause.

From my perspective, I’ve used and worked on computers with XP pretty much since it came out, and it has almost been fast and smooth, and easy to do everything. And quite honestly, in all those years I can count the amount of times XP has crashed on one hand, that’s no exaggeration.

Like I stated in the other thread I was EXPECTING to like Vista more than XP, purely because I thought XP was significantly better than Windows 98 and 2000, I was expecting the same jump in functionality and everything from Vista.

I was very disappointed, it was slow, fussy, annoying, it asked me too many questions, the same things just took longer to do than XP. The only thing I can say I liked about it was the styling, which is admittedly, far, far nicer than XP’s tacky green/blue decor. And it even crashed on me over the course of 2 days.

It took longer to install programs, took longer to delete programs, took longer to open IE.

And it took longer to bootup, and this is with 2 gigs of ram.

Just found this link -

And it seems that Vista SP1 is at least as fast in various benchmarks, program opening, and even boot up time.

The Vista I used can’t have been SP1, as this was simply not the case, everything was slower than XP, literally everything.

Some of the benchmarks are very strange, they vary, some people getting faster results with XP, some with Vista.

Look at this benchmark here for example, this one is particularly odd. The opposite happens to what I would have expected. Vista performs worse than XP on the more powerful laptop, and better on the less powerful one.

So for you Vista faithful - what functionality advantages can you cite over XP? What do you do in Vista that you simply can’t in XP?

DX10 Support
Alt Tab is instant between all types of programs
Win DVD (I burn at least 2 dvd’s a week no program beats this for usability)
Games in windowed mode just work better and smoother

There is a reason why Vista is the new Windows OS, although I have far higher hopes for Windows 7 as they seem to be planning for ahead in their development (although its like area 51 for news in that part).

IMO though, the performance increases on newer hardware far outweighs the small and soon to be fixed downsides. Plus far to much or you logic is heavily opinionated.

Temp summed it up. If you were to look at any technical forum…the sad thing is now most people are done with the Vista bashing and are “now using it.” Of course, the mainstream press keeps released completely rubbish anti-vista attacks (this is much bigger than the Apple ads) which keeps the average joe thinking Vista is pure evil.

It’s not, its stable, more stable than XP. SP1 did change people’s opinions. Also, in regards with the UAC, I think if you claim to be all that computer savvy, you would have realized that you could have turned it off easily. Plus the fact, that it really does work for the average consumer who is willing to install random programs willy nilly. Think of all the suspicious programs it stops joe schmoe from installing.

Also, you have to remember benchmarks don’t tell the entire story because it all depends on the set-up as well installed software, and a host of other variables. The only thing that matters is real use experience, and on that end Vista is no slouch. I’ve been gaming with Vista since Day 1, no problems at all with any of my games. In fact, they run better on Vista than my XP desktop (though that’s probably because my desktop sucks too).

I’m not a PC gamer to be honest, in fact the only games I ever play on my comp are N64 games on PJ64.

However I use Flash, Photoshop and AI on a daily basis. I just want my OS to be fast and reliable, and easy to use, and not ask me too many questions. To make things as quick as possible, I basically have my OS pretty stripped down. I remove everything unnecessary from bootup with regedit, and I also alter the services panel to remove any services I know I don’t need. I have nothing in my system tray.

I often use Flash, AI and Photoshop simultaneously, and the performance is vastly increased if you cut down on the crap running in the background.

Temp - my logic is not “opinionated” at all. It’s actually based on my own experience, which ultimately is what you have to go by. It’s not my opinion or guesswork that Vista didn’t perform as well as XP, it’s my actual, tangible experience. There is a difference.

As for the stability issue, I find XP SP2 to be ultra stable. I seriously can’t remember the last time it crashed, and I often do work that seriously taxes the CPU/RAM and run large programs simultaneously.

But as I alluded to before, whatever revision of Vista I was using was last year’s, and could well have underperformed compared to SP1 or whatever the latest version is.

Incidentally, do you know when Windows 7 is coming out?

I competely forgot about the DX10 support actually, I guess it’s not much of a concern for me as I am not a PC gamer.

Consoles FTW :smiley:

Also what do you mean by Win DVD? The Win DVD I know is a software DVD player like power DVD, I used to use it.

as long as you guys play safe in here… i don’t see a reason to delete this thread even though it’s one of our posting rules, but be aware if this thread gets out of line I will have no choice but to delete it.

check vii:

XP user here. XP is better for sure. :wink:

vista is too dark; ugly, and adolescent styles. annoys the hell out of me. whats more the way things are worded are more confusing than ever. XP I say.

ok I’ve seen enough. thread closed. Rules are rules.