Visual Studio chat!

:phil: Hey everyone Im jereth, and I was wondering if anyone uses Visual Studio if you do I am in need of help of making a pre- loader in this software

I do not use it. But someone likely does. Bump.

Raydred does :slight_smile:

Yes i do =)

whats up Jereth ? what cha need?

well see I need help…lol…Im curently making an “extremem Lazy” Program and My fscommands arent working…lol…I want it to launch yahoo messenger,, and msn all at the same time…could you help me al littl?

Sure, you’re working with the Flash Active X control right, and defining your FScommands, (i havent messed with Flash in my programs much yet, but i will) …

and you need help launching programs =)

If this is correct please press the number 1 (hehe jk)…

heres a simple way to execute a program… basically you need to start a thread, you define the path and start the thread, this will launch the program =)

i put it in a method so that you call the method with the path and it starts.

private void runProgram(string inPath)
	Process prc;
	prc= new Process();
	prc.StartInfo.FileName = inPath;
	//prc.StartInfo.Arguments = arg; 
//This is commented out.. but i wanted to show that this is possible.
	prc.StartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Normal; 
// if you want the window minimized just add this 
//instread of the windowstyle.normal  , ProcessWindowStyle.Minimized;
	prc.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = @"c:\";

this should work… now all you have to do to call this a program is this…


now the @ before the string means ‘The following is a path’, or you’d have to escape the “” like this… “C:\windows\calc.exe”

hope this helps =)

im home now, lemme see if i can make a demo =) im curious myself =)

thanks raydred, do you mind showing me a How to with fscommands in flash id like to publsih my program also with flash mx if you could id appreciate it

sure i give ya a sample here in a bit, but just give me props if you publish it :wink:

ok heres the demo…

the swf and Fla are both in the \bin\release folder of the zip…

if you need me to explain things, just ask. =)

i didnt spent tons of time on the flash =) hehe

i was just kidding about the props too…
take what ya need, its no secret =)

would you please explain things…and also should I set up my files in a folder lik eyou did yours

ray, he wants a full tut!

im sorry :frowning: but yes that would be great…I am very new to this…:frowning:
I wont bother you, besides it takes to long to make tut’s so Ill just try and figure it out :stuck_out_tongue: thansk anyway

Well Jereth, if you wait till tonight (possibly tomarrow) i can have a full tute for ya. =) its no bother, ive been wanting to make my tutorials in c# anyway =) It wouldnt take too long to write =)

I’ll let ya know when its ready. =)

SOrry i couldnt get to the tutorial as soon as i could… ive been kinda busy, i’ll try to get a tute out soon =)