Vote! On THe Sushisource Vs ? Thread

This is the poll for the Sushisource VS ? thread.


Handler 4 Me

Ethan (Eat Ham)


Would be nice if our names linked to our images.

yeah… who did what!!!

That really good one. With the images and those cool effects. You know… the one you liked. Yeah that one was mine.

that’s why I voted for it :wink:

EATHAM!!! all the way dude keep up the good work.

Eat ham is kicking arse in the poll!

Lol! That’s ethan’s misspelled name i gave him.

Someone give this guy a cup cake for doing that. Lol


I love it! EatHam… so good. so scary. so BATTLE!

Ahahaha :lol:


Great work everyone. I went with Eat Ham. Too bad it was only 1 round. I think some really great stuff would have come out of this battle.

Voted for EatHam.

Good job on that effect :thumb:!

W00t! I get a cupcake!

[size=1] But no votes :frowning: [/size]

At least you get a cupcake :sigh:.

Be happy :thumb:.

“dont worry… be Happy…” do dee do do

Just look at your avatar, that oughta make you happy.

[size=1]Or extremely hostile :m:[/size]

Oh well,
great job Eatham

I voted for Ham.